helloo my name is jaxon but you can call me jax! i am transgender and emo (they basically come as a bundle) my interests are mcr, fob, p!atd, the used, tbs, ptv, sws, paramore, and many many more bands! talk to me about me music taste because i love music O_o.. i unfortunately like falling in reverse but i do not support ronnie and i like panic in the ryan ross way. no heavy dni as i will block you if i simply do not like you but i do ask for no heavy gerard way lovers as hes my fp. i have bad paranoia so if i don't accept you its nothing personal. my friends describe me as gay, gerard obbsesed, editor, ill, funny okay im never asking for their opinions ever again why are 4/5 of those bad. byf if you couldn't possibly tell by this site i am unfortunate enough to have a touch of the tism so id appreciate if you use tone indicators with me and not misuse them as a joke! i make kys/kms jokes so let me know if that makes you uncomfy.. pls dont talk about lynz ballato around me. despite this site looking oh so chronically online i am fortunate enough to have amazing irls and i love them all so dearly..this is just to fit in with my internet besties i suppose! its fun tho


♱ JAX HE/HIM ESTP 4W5 transgender emo guy who just likes emo trnity and more xP dni ppl who are emo for a "trend" so basically tiktokers i've been rocking with my goofy bands since i was 6 years old (im 15)

INSTA: GEELUVR69 TWT: gerardgendr